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Over Thirty years ago when I began my career as a physical therapist I was called by a deep desire to work with people in a whole way. I realized that one of our problems is that we are so disconnected: from our natural world, and our deeper selves. I realized that as long as I continued to treat people as if they were disconnected, I was contributing to the problem. I came to know deeply that I could not practice in a fragmented way anymore.

As I began my career, I began to search for what I needed as a healer. I found pieces of what I was looking for in many places, from many people. My work at St. Lukes Medical Center was my first introduction to what was possible: a whole-person concept of healing and honoring the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves. I started to see what happened to people when they were touched in that way, and realized I could never go back to being a healer in the same way again. Now, many years later, I find I can be present for people in a new way: assisting others in rediscovering emotional, spiritual and physical balance.

My skills
Licensed Physical Therapist: Certificate in Physical Therapy:
Mayo Clinic School of Health Related Sciences, Rochester, MN
B.S. in Health Education and Recreation with Physical Therapy emphasis
University of Montana, Missoula, MT
Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA

Articles & Books
Book: Featured in "In Their Shoes" by Deborah Reber (2007)
DVD: Head Injury by Bruce Towne (2007)
Booklet: Your Back and Its Care (1981)
Videotape: Your Back and Its Care (1982)
Slide Programs: Your Back and Its Care (1980, 1984)
Synchronized Cassette & Slides: Your Back and Its Care (1983)

Professional Associations / Memberships
Member of APTA, Washington PTA, Non-Violent Communication Community.

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Photo by Dave Schiefelbein