Photo by Deborah ReberWould you like to take your next positive steps to:
  • Restore full participation in your life.
  • Regain your lost physical abilities.
  • Recover your prior level of functioning.
  • Improve the quality and enjoyment of life.
  • Enjoy freedom to choose your own path.
  • Continue on your journey of healing.
  • Reclaim a sense of personal power.

Kay Lakey is a Physical Therapist with over thirty years of experience in a broad range of physical therapy applications. Her clients reap the benefits of this broad range of traditional and non-traditional healing disciplines, but more importantly experience what becomes possible in a partnership empowered by sensitivity and respect.

Itís time you became a full participant in your own healing process. Put a holistic professional on your team and enjoy the benefits of a specialized, individual treatment plan designed with you to address your particular problem areas and meet your specific needs as a whole person; body, mind and spirit. Reclaim your power of choice.

Call today to begin building a healthy, balanced, joyous life. Kay is available to help you continue your healing journey!

Photo by Deborah Reber, author of book "In Their Shoes".